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For the-holidays you need it!

Sorry I’m going to have a rant!

In the past hour I received 35 emails from a nice gentleman called ‘Ov2.CialisViagra’ at yahoo, offering me ‘something’ for the holiday. What would that be? Christmas pud, box of crackers, a snowman, a rest? Yesterday about the same time another fellow called ‘LifeLove.EnlargePenis2’ at yahoo tells me my penis is like an expensive car. True but how does he know? Early yesterday I had 10 emails from a rascal called ‘joinconn2’ at yahoo telling me he is ‘USA only pharmacy’. Like I care, if it was true.

So enough already! Go away you nasty illiterate people! I like the size of my member, I like the watch I have and I don’t want you to drain my bank account. AND most importantly I’d like to do some marketing using email and not have you get in the way and muddying my message.

This blog is focused on direct mail for SME’s, so why you ask am I being wound up by email? In fact surely the more email gets its name bought down by spam the happier I should be?

Well yes I do believe DM is a better way to communicate but I do believe it should be done in unison with all the technology this modern world has to give us. Email is a fantastic communication tool its just no working as a marketing tool in the best way it can because users like me have to fight through the dross to get the relevant messages.

I want to be able to send marketing emails to people who want to know about my products. Even send emails trying to get punters to buy my Direct Mail product!

So for the holiday- you need it. Peace and goodwill not a bulging spam folder!

All the best

David Hyams

Direct Mail on Demand