Print Ideas for the future generations

About Print Fair and David Hyams


Print Fair was started by David Hyams in 2007. The ethos behind the company is to create groundbreaking products that link the Internet to Print.

For 15 years David ran his own graphic design and marketing business. In 1996 David became a director of a London based digital print company, with this started his interest in all things digital, in particular Personalized Digital Print, 1 to 1 Marketing and Online Print Systems.

Before starting Print Fair David worked for a top 5 print management company where he worked as a Digital Business Manager and an auditor for HP (Indigo). Here he helped blue chip clients to embrace new print technologies. Seeing that most print applications had an expensive entry point David saw an opportunity to create free to enter online print applications for SME’s. In September 2010 he launched Real Print – Direct Mail on Demand. Real Print embraces traditional direct mail and links it to new technology and most importantly gives small business’s a viable alternative to email marketing.

Real Print is a member of the DMA and abides by the associations code of practice.

David loves print and he loves new technology and has worked with like minded designers, developers and printers throughout the world to create new exciting products. David is always keen to get feedback on the work he is doing – Flying the flag for print in the modern world!



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