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Direct Mail, every home should have one

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One of my Linkedin friends Dave Lewis described Direct Mail being like the family dog waiting patiently for you at home.

I love this image and it got me thinking…

Do I see direct mail like a big sloppy dog? Loud, colourful and enthusiastic. Loves giving and receiving attention. Time consuming. Hard to ignore. Expensive to maintain but worth the investment.

Or maybe I see DM like my family cat. He sits around looking cute. Wants attention only when he wants it. Quiet and clean. Lethargic and low maintenance. All he asks is to be noticed at least once a day.

Then again one could ask, is direct mail like vermin? Hard to control. Bringing in to the house things we’d rather not have. Dirty and in need of ‘termination’.

There is actually a point here. I believe the population as a whole likes having direct mail round the house, just as we like having pets. They add more than they take away. Sure they can be an inconvenience. They get in the way, we trip up on them and resent the time and space they take up. But we’d miss them if they weren’t there!

I’m off now to walk the post and put the cat in the bin!

All the best

David Hyams

Direct Mail on Demand


Author: David Hyams

I'm old school I love the touch, feel (and smell) of print. I also love the internet and new techology. My mission is to find ways for future generations to keep loving print by creating new marketing tools. Print isn't dead, long live print! Take a look at my Print Fair website and Talking Print for more information. I am a member of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) BPMA (British Promotional Marketing Association) and I comply with these associations recommended best practices.

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